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Kitchen Improvement Ideas

February 21, 2022 by Foreman
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One of the first rooms everyone notices upon entering a home is the kitchen. I suppose this is because some time over the years the kitchen became the gathering space in most homes since mom spent so much time in there. We have all pretty much come to understand that the kitchen is the most remodeled room in a home, again I am sure, because of the reasons mentioned above. This is also the room that is the most costly to remodel especially if the replacement of kitchen cabinets is involved. But there is no need to replace those cabinets if they are in good shape and you have no issues with the style. If this is the case, then the refacing of your kitchen cabinet doors will give you that fresh new look you are seeking.

Refacing kitchen cabinet doors is a fairly where to buy nangs  straight forward process that even the most novice do it yourself homeowner can easily accomplish. The first step in the process involves the evaluation of your present cabinetry. Assuming that you are happy with the style of cabinets you have, inspect your cabinet boxes to be sure they are structurally sound. Check all joints for tightness and drawer slides to ensure all drawers operate smoothly and close completely. Next check underneath the sink to see if there is any evidence of water damage due to leaks in the plumbing and drainage system. Now check all the cabinet doors to see if any show signs of being warped or have any other type of damage. If you discover any problems associated with any of these items, you need to first address the repairs of those problems before you move on to the next step.

After a thorough inspection of the cabinets and the completion of any necessary repairs, it is time to begin the refacing process. The first of the process involves the removal of all cabinet doors including the old hinges and cabinet pulls. Now do the same with the drawer pulls. You are going to replace that old cabinet hardware with new because after you see how nice your newly refaced cabinets look, you are not going to want to reuse that old cabinet hardware. Before you throw that old hardware away, save one hinge, one cabinet pull, and one drawer pull to take with you to the hardware store. If you locate hardware that has the same hole alignment as the old hardware, reinstalling the cabinets will be much easier. Place your hardware samples in a bag and head to the home improvement center.

You are now going to shop for your new cabinet hardware and the other supplies necessary to complete the refacing process. Once on the cabinet hardware aisle, the selection of new hardware simply involves matching up the screw holes on the old with one of the many styles of new hardware your home improvement center will offer. Next is the purchase of sandpaper, primer, paint, brushes and rollers necessary to complete the process. Consult the paint expert there for the proper paint to use and at no point in the purchase process are you to go cheap on these supplies and materials. Remember, by refacing these cabinets, you are saving thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. Spend some of these savings on professional supplies and you will end up with a professional job.